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"Receiving massage from Krystal is an honor and privilege. She is a warm hearted, generous and joyful person and infuses her treatments with blissful energy and attention to detail. She has a magical way of providing deliciously smooth and fluid strokes that are simultaneously pleasurable and therapeutic. Krystal is a natural born healer and you will be so happy to receive her expert treatments."  

-Luke G.

"Krystal is one of the most unique and talented massage therapists I've ever been to. I have had massages at 5 star resorts, in other countries, and highly rated spas. She definitely is at the top of the list! She has a strong intuition for healing and the most solid base of knowledge  about the body's physical structure I've ever heard. I feel very fortunate to be a regular client of Krystal's."

-Amy S.

"When I first started going to Krystal for a massage, my every intention was to most likely only go to her once or twice as I don’t live very close by. But, she has such an awesome vibe about her and really knows what she’s doing with massage and can really read how my body is feeling a lot of times before I even know! I’m now hooked on her and I look forward to our appointments.”

-Erin M.

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